Tomas Johansson

Singles main draw
Doubles main draw


Tournament Dates: March 15-23
Champion: Tomas Johansson (Sweden)
Finalist: Renzo Furlan (Italy)

Representative Sponsor: ExiBank
Official Sponsors: Mercedes Benz, Grand Hotel Europe, BaltOneksimBank, Brewer Baltika, Merloni Ellettrodomestici, Delta Telecom, Ramec, Perrier, Penn, Gratt, Teleport, Pulkovskie Airlines, KLM Airlines, Neda-Paging, Svarog, ZAO Elga, Sankt-Petersburgskiye Vedomosti, Delovoj Peterburg, Radio Europe Plus, Radio Nostalgia.

Over 200 representatives of the media from Russia and abroad were accredited at the tournament. The matches of the tournament were broadcast everyday on St. Petersburg's Channel 5, including live coverage of semifinal and final matches. Summaries of tournament action were shown by Eurosport during the 30-minute program "Highlight Show" and on ATP Tour Line, and also by NTV on the programs "Today", and "Distance 60."

The tournament was attended by around 35,000 spectators.