The international tennis tournament "St. Petersburg Open" is a unique project which aims to popularize tennis not only in the city but also throughout the entire country, and to create a sports event attracting increasing numbers of world-famous participants as well as thousands of spectators.

At the present there are only two large international tennis tournaments in Russia: "St. Petersburg Open" and "Kremlin Cup".

Russia's Northern Capital was not chosen at random as the location of such an event. St.Petersburg has a number of distinct advantages over other cities, including:

  • The unique economic situation of the second Russian megalopolis; large concentrations of capital
  • Proximity to borders with European countries and the largest seaport in the Northwest, factors which may attract sources of finance from abroad
  • A rich historical and cultural heritage which has always attracted large numbers of Russian and foreign tourists
  • A lack of comparable international annual sport events in the region
  • Popular interest in tennis, development of amateur and advanced organizations, a large number of sports schools for children and young adults, however, a lack of professional tennis tournaments
  • Support of the project from the Government of the City of St. Petersburg, which has become interested in the presence within the city of a popular-athletic enterprise on an international level
  • The use of the project's owner of personnel who have experience in organizing tennis events, not only on a local level, such as the yearly Championship of Russia, The Trade Unions' Cup, commercial tournaments, The Treasure of Russia, The Lyuokon Corporation, exhibition matches of The Russia Cup, but also the organization and operation of matches of The Davis Cup, and also participation in preparation for The Kremlin Cup
  • The tournament will be conducted in the St. Petersburg SCC (Sport Concert Complex), the largest such arena in Europe, which has a well-developed infrastructure and a maximum of conveniences for spectators
  • Wide variety of advertising services accorded to the tournament, satisfying any requests from potential sponsors
  • Significant number of firms which are regular sponsors of this enterprise.
  • Presence of supplementary programs which are aimed at increasing interest in the tourney throughout the entire year, among tennis fans, sponsors and investors