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The Wonderful Saint-Petersburg

St. Petersburg, once the capital of Russia, is often referred to as the "Venice of the North". Five hundred years ago Nostradamus predicted that "Venice will arise from the Northern Sea ". And in 1703 on the shores of the Baltic appeared a city, so enchanting that the comparison with Venice continues for almost 300 years.

Peter the Great, the founder of St. Petersburg, wanted to see his city as Russia's "window to the West" and a truly European city. "If the Lord gives me enough strength, Petersburg will become another Amsterdam" - proclaimed this Russian tsar.

St. Petersburg is the city of museums and the major Russian cultural center. It is world-famous for the collections of the Hermitage and the Russian museum, for its Academy of Fine Arts, world-known School of Russian Ballet, St Isaac's Cathedral, the Mariinsky theater and the Philharmonic Hall. Throughout its history this city was, and still is, the city of great musicians, artists, actors and poets.

And, naturally, the "Northern Capital of Russia" is a major sports center, which holds dozens of sport events annually. In 1994 the Goodwill Games took place on the Neva banks and proved to be a success. And this year the annual ATP Tour tennis tournament "St. Petersburg Open" is held in St. Petersburg for the fourth time.

Welcome to "St. Petersburg Open" - a fine tennis tournament held in one of the world's greatest cities!